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…Because bones are always getting broken.

Unconscious’ story takes place anywhere from the 1700′s to today. Our world is split along three realms: The Mortal, The Magical, and The Supernatural. The Magical realm is visible by mortals but is well hidden and creatures rarely stray from it. The Supernatural realm is only visible to magical creatures and contains things like the Grims, Elements, and Mother Nature. The Angels and the Grims oversee the Magical and Mortal realms and have a series of agreements called “Angel-Grim Law.”

The Grims exist so that they may bring order to the world. They are not necessary for the things they represent to happen (for example, people die without Death), but they oversee those who seek to break the rules. They are sort of a magical police force.

Unconscious: The Grim in charge of sending people to sleep. He does not create dreams, but he gives people the ability to have them. He is the second oldest and has ambitions to become more powerful than his older brother Death. Although he may seem cold-hearted, he will usually do the right thing in the end. Also called Uncy.

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Itchy: The Grim in charge of making people itch. Itchy is the youngest of the Grims. He is childlike, naive, and not quite all there. Unconscious is the only one who can handle Itchy, although sometimes even he has issues.

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Death: The Grim Reaper himself, Death is the oldest of the Grims and by far the calmest. He’s resigned to his fate and knows what his duties are, although he shares a similar personality with Unconscious where humor is concerned.

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Burns: The Grim of Burning
Guardian Angels: Protectors of the mortal realm, opposite of the Grims, who enforce
Vigilus: Guardian Angel of being awake and alert
Famine: Horseman of Famine
Pumpkin Jack: SOn of the Hallowed King
Beorn: Russia’s oldest bear
Khanel the Dreamless: Elf leader who tried to take over all the kingdoms thousands of years ago

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