Blade 230 S Review of 2020



Our Verdict

Blade 230S V2 is an excellent radio-controlled model of a helicopter for beginners and experienced modelers. The device is supplemented by the SAFE flight stabilization system. It may easily help you to train any of the three flight modes (beginner, confident user, professional). Blade 230 S review will get you acquainted with its basic technical features and abilities. This lightweight model is characterized by ease and quick response.


  • Innovative SAFE stabilization system presence
  • Emergence button presence
  • Cheap additional spare parts and accessories


  • Difficult channel mixing
  • Charger and battery not included

Key Specifications

Among basic Blade 230S bnf technical parameters are the following:

  • Brushless main and tail motors
  • Speed controller build-in (provides stability and direction fixation)
  • Spektrum AR636 build-in
  • Small dimensions 22.6 x 9.7 x 7.6 inches
  • Lightweight (1.26 pounds)
  • Durable ABS blades
  • 6+ channel Spektrum Transmitter with DSMX 2.4GHz technology
  • 3S 11.1V 800mAh 30C with JST connector
  • AC/DC LiPo Battery Charger
  • Reinforced frame and gear
  • Vibration Reduction Option

This is the best solution for modeling fans. Use the Blade 230 S helicopter on sensitive radio control for training and skills polishing. The Blade 230 S V2 device offers a choice of 3 flight modes – for the novice modeler, experienced and professional. Each of these modes is provided with individual stabilization parameters and a maximum roll angle. The Blade 230S rtf helicopter is equipped with an emergency button – it helps to reach an immediate model alignment. Every second Blade 230S review demonstrates its high sensibility and instant reaction.

What is Blade 230S V2?

Blade 230S V2

Getting acquainted with our Blade 230S V2 review one may learn that this model is ideal either for indoors or outdoors use.  Drive the helicopter in the desired mode in the yard, at home or in the park. The helicopter’s blades are made of strong and reliable ABS-plastic, and therefore the product can easily withstand moderate impacts and clashes, adding confidence to an inexperienced user. The Blade 230S helicopter is a collective pitch model with features eager to polish up your skills. The new SAFE technology presence makes it possible to simplify the helicopter control process as much as possible. Choose the preferred flight mode – from normal leveling to 3D and practice amazing stunts in the air.

Blade 230S helicopter

The unique control system allows users with any competence to master any tricks easily, including inverted flight and complex air aerobatics. The reinforced speed controller integrated in this model significantly increases the level of helicopter reliability. Its main task is to stabilize the tail of the device. The creators supplemented it with an improved main gear to give the helicopter maximum strength. Reliable digital speed servo-drives are responsible for its precise control.

Blade 230S Upgrades

The basic set of this product is not in vain called so. It has everything for the device to perform its basic functions. If your goal is an upgrade (improvement, enrichment of technical potential), you will need to purchase additional Blade 230S upgrades. These are spare parts and accessories that help to expand the range of the device’s technical capabilities. You can order Blade 230S parts and use them to improve the helicopter’s endurance, maneuverability, sensitivity, response.

Blade 230S upgrades

In what cases the purchase of additional accessories, spare parts, and parts can be useful? Of course, their acquisition is relevant in the case when the product breaks down. New spare Blade 230S V2 parts will help to restore the lost functions of the helicopter, return you the joy of its use, improve technical parameters. So, one may buy an additional set of the microheli Blade 230S in case if the device’s body is damaged due to a fall or an unsuccessful impact. To return your helicopter to its former attractiveness and integrity, simply replace the body with a new one.

Blade 230S parts

Complementing your helicopter model with Blade 230S upgrade parts may positively affect its maneuverability, flight stability, speed of reaction to pilot commands. Using devices for optimizing a helicopter, you can generally increase its technical indicators (flight speed, battery life, the ability to perform tricks and pirouettes).

Easily upgrade your e-flite Blade 230S and increase the maneuverability level of the device (including inverted flight). If the case of the product fails, you can always replace it with a new one. Most often, you can find bright colors that help you to see the device in the air clearly and if it falls, find it faster.

microheli Blade 230S

Notice that the manufacturer recommends buying only the original eflite Blade 230S spare parts and accessories in order to guarantee their high quality and ensure the stable operation of the device. Remember about careful device usage. Nevertheless, each of its parts may need to be changed. Sometimes Blade 230S tail rotor also may break down. But do not get upset, as you can always find a spare tail rotor on sale and change it at the first opportunity.

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