Brother INKvestment Review of 2020



Our Verdict

The best office printer with an integrated cartridge. The ink supply from the manufacturer should be enough for a year of the printer operation. Our Brother iINKvestment review will help you to familiarize yourself with this device, understand how it differs from other printers, and why it is worth purchasing.


  • Build-in durable ink cartridge
  • Bright, saturated colors
  • Double printing option (prints from both sides)


  • The scanner is difficult to configure
  • Operates loudly
  • Low speed of full-color sheets printing

Key Specifications

  • Ink cartridge in-box (up to 1-year guarantee)
  • Paper tray – up to 150 sheets
  • Auto Feeder allows up to 20 sheets
  • Multicolor 2,7‘’display (sensor type)
  • Weight 19.2 pounds
  • The dimensions 7.7 x 13.4 x 17.1 inches
  • Wireless printing option
  • All-in-one device (printer, scanner, copier)
  • NFC connection
  • Print speed 12/10 ppm (black/colored)

The Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW is able to work strictly when using the manufacturer’s ink cartridges. The printer is equipped with an innovative cartridge system that guarantees first-class ink quality (bright, saturated, realistic colors). The main advantage of the Brother INKvestment printer can be considered a rare need to refuel it with ink.

What is Brother INKvestment?

This printer is an improved development of the INKvestment Brother brand. The Brother – INKvestment tank MFC-J995DW wireless all-in-one printer is a refined version of the printer that ideally solves office tasks for the necessary documents, report papers, graphs, charts, drawings printing, etc. The printer’s colored touchscreen display (2,7‘’) demonstrates several parameters – the amount of paper and ink remaining in the cartridge. This is rather convenient and allows you to be always aware of the current printer’s potential. The Brother MFC-J995DW XL INKvestment tank will easily be under your attention – just look at the display and estimate its actual condition.

Brother MFC-J995DW review

The printer fits up to 150 sheets of paper – you can place a stack of blank sheets in the device and use them as needed. Sheets of paper are loaded into the device automatically from the feeder. Taking into account our Brother INKvestment review, one may figure out its basic benefit. For example, you can print on both sides of the sheet at the same time. The device can be connected to Wi-Fi – as a result, it becomes possible to control the printer’s functions directly from your mobile phone. According to every Brother MFC-J995DW review, one may conclude: this device is incredibly convenient, durable, and reliable. It can be used at home; however, Brother printer INKvestment’s power and potential allow to solve more severe and large-scale problems.

brother inkvestment MFC-J995DW

Brother MFC-J995DW Review – The Best Printer Ever

How may our Brother MFC-J995DW review help you? Firstly, our report may assist you in finding accurate information about the device and the principles of its operation. Secondly, the Brother INKvestment tank printer may help you to make a balanced and deliberate decision about the purchase. According to the manufacturer’s promises, the built into the Brother INKvestment printers’ cartridge should be enough for approximately 12 months of operation. This is an average of 3,000 sheets. Planning to replace the cartridge, you will need to contact the manufacturer and order a new one.

The Brother INKvestment tank is stored inside the device’s body. The device consumes ink extremely economically, and therefore you definitely have enough for a year of regular use. The print quality will delight even an experienced user – all colors and shades are bright, saturated, as close as possible to real ones.

brother inkvestment printers

Brother MFC-J995DW Review – The Best Printer Ever

Using this Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment tank color inkjet all-in-one printer, you will never be caught off guard. The presence of a display indicator will keep you informed about the remaining ink and paper. As a result, your work will not stop, and you can always be sure that there are enough supplies. Ink cartridges on different printer models from INKvestment feature individual parameters. For example, there is a guarantee for a year of printing using the built-in cartridge in the mentioned model Brother printer MFC-J995DW. In other models, such as Brother MFC-J995DW, these are already two guaranteed years of qualitative printing, scanning and copying.

Brother inkvestment tank

Features NFC option – quick and easy printing with one click. This item may become your faithful servant either at home or standard work office. Hope, our Brother INKvestment MFC-J995DW review assisted you in finding out the specifics of the device and its functionality. Many users praise this office equipment for decent print speed, beautiful, rich colors, ease of setup. Note, that the type of file you want to use affects printing speed. Standard files like Word are printed most quickly. PDF files are printed less quickly. We have noticed that the file printing speed also affects the noise of the device (the faster the printing is done, the more noise the whole process is accompanied by).

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