Browning Trail Camera Review of 2020



Our Verdict

We are glad to present you the best mini trail camera, ready to make qualitative photos and videos even featuring such a compact size! Our newest Browning trail camera review discloses all the main peculiarities of the presented product.


  • Tiny size
  • Easy operation
  • High-quality photo and video


  • The motion sensor is poorly adjustable
  • Noisy photo shooting
  • No review screen

Key Specifications

  • 16 Mp camera
  • 1280х720 HD video clips
  • LED lightening option (for perfect night shooting)
  • The multi-shot option creates up to 8 images
  • Photo delay option (from 5 seconds up to 60 minutes)
  • Flash and detection ranges are equal to 100 and 55 ft.
  • Dimensions 4.5"x3.25"x2.5"
  • SD card input
  • Powered from 6 AA batteries
  • Motion sensor

Let’s look through the Browning trail camera review and discover its main features. The device is rightly named the best product in vast hunting industry.

What is Browning Trail Camera?

This Browning dark ops trail camera is the best invention for those who like to make films about wild animal’s life. It is also a real must-have for hunters tracking their prey.  The device is represented by three models – Strike Force Elite (10 MP), Strike Force HD Pro (18 MP) and Strike Force 850 HD (16 MP). The Browning strike force HD trail camera is modest in size and not eye-catching. This is an ideal combination of parameters that allows the camera to go unnoticed and secretly take photos and videos.

browning trail camera reviews

Despite such a tiny size, the Browning recon force extreme trail camera is incredibly productive. The built-in camera has a high response speed (approximately 0.4 seconds). The interval between shots is 0.8 seconds. The best Browning trail camera also has the option of multi-shot creating – makes up to 8 photos one after another. At the output, you can get beautiful, bright, saturated images (16-megapixel camera), or videos with clear picture and sound (1280×720 HD resolution).

browning dark ops trail camera

Getting acquainted with our Browning trail camera reviews one may be aware of its reliability, tiny size and its invisibility (may be easily hidden among branches and leaves). Browning recon force FHD extreme infrared trail camera with color viewing screen demonstrates perfect technical parameters! We advise you to look through the all Browning spec ops trail camera before purchasing it.

Browning Strike Force HD Trail Camera – Fast and Qualitative Shooting

The Browning trail camera – dark ops is a device for secret fixing the surrounding. Being powered from 6 batteries, the item promises long-term operation. The device records (photo and video modes) and does not require an Internet connection. The recording is carried out on the SD card of the necessary volume, which is built in the device. To access the received photos and videos, you need to connect the SD card to your personal computer or laptop.

browning strike force HD trail camera

BTC fname Browning trail camera picture and video viewer 1000 pcs is the device that is sure to be useful to any hunter or connoisseur of wildlife. Among main Browning spec ops16-megapixel extreme trail camera are the following – 16 MP photos, day and night video recording, the power jack (12 volts).

browning recon force fhd extreme infrared trail camera with color viewing screen

Users note that the Browning strike force trail camera features no review screen. This makes it difficult to quickly view captured images and recorded video at your Browning dark ops HD trail camera. That is, in order to view all the materials captured on the camera, you will need to connect the SD card to a computer or laptop. This is the basic disadvantage of this Browning black ops trail camera because it also features a high reaction rate of the camera, the multi-shot option (up to 8 serial images), and high resolution (either photo or video materials).

Browning® strike force outfitter 18MP trail camera allows you to delay the start of shooting for a period of 5 seconds to 60 minutes. Therefore, using this camera, you can always customize it individually to your needs. This Browning® strike force HD pro 18mp trail camera has the smallest size in comparison with other cameras of competing firms. A small inconspicuous case and a specific military color make it inconspicuous in any locality, whether it is a field or a forest belt.

Browning Trail Camera Security Box

The Browning trail camera security box features a sturdy and reliable metal case that protects the camera from breakage and damage. Also, it is powder coated by the manufacturer in order to prolong the operation terms. Having purchased this case for your camera, you protect the device not only from possible breakdowns but also from theft. The use of such a protective Trail camera security box ensures that you will definitely find your shooting device in a fixed place. The case is made of high-quality steel (16 gauges) and equipped with two channels for cables. The box is easily fixed at any tree for high-quality shooting. A compact but reliable case weighs 2 pounds only.

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