Cobra Baffler XL Iron Review of 2020



Our Verdict

Hurry up and get acquainted with the product that will definitely impress true golf lovers. Appreciate this club, if you also love this kind of entertainment. Our Cobra Baffler XL iron review will reveal all the features of this product and cause a desire to become its owner as quickly as possible.


  • Authoritative brand
  • Stylish appearance
  • Inexpensive


  • High trajectory
  • Weighty

Key Specifications

  • Set of 4-PW Baffler irons
  • 38.5 inches
  • Weight 8.6 pounds
  • Right handed players only
  • Material - steel
  • Low gravity center
  • Oversized face design
  • Regular steel shafts

Estimating the Cobra Baffler XL iron set appearance, one may note – its steel body attracts attention and seems to be strong and durable. But let’s discover all Cobra XL irons’ technical features and decide if they are worth purchasing.

What is Cobra Baffler XL Iron?

In order to get acquainted with the Cobra baffler XL one should look through its truthful review. Our team has tested this product. So, our Cobra Baffler XL iron review is ready for you. This is a golf club that may be used by both beginners and more experienced players. It belongs to the budget decisions category, which combines the appropriate price and decent quality. Though the club is 38.5 inches length, its trajectory may be overly high for some players.


The Cobra Baffler XL irons specs demonstrate its satisfactory condition and the ability to be used for game improvement. It is worth noting that this model is outdated but no less stylish and high-quality. A rare buyer is lucky enough to find it at today’s online stores.

cobra baffler xl irons specs

According to Cobra Baffler XL iron reviews, it is highly rated on many online stores. Most users really rate this iron worthy of acquisition. The majority of the consumers praise this product for its stylish appearance, quality materials, ease of lifting into the air (quick swing). The product is inexpensive while demonstrating high performance (build quality, strength, durability). Nevertheless, having studied many reviews and independently tested this Cobra Baffler XL combo iron set in the game, we have realized that it may seem too heavy for some; others may be dissatisfied with the high trajectory. The mentioned Cobra Baffler XL iron specs will please both the beginner and the experienced golf connoisseur.

Cobra Baffler XL Iron – Strong and Accurate Hit

The specific Cobra Baffler irons design allows you to perform a higher swing and hit precisely on target. The low center of gravity helps to lift the ball high in the air, regardless of its position. The majority of golf fans value the Cobra Baffler XL irons for this quality.


The acquisition of such Baffler XL irons will be especially fruitful for the beginners. Due to its design features, a consistently high ball flight is guaranteed. According to the Cobra Baffler XL irons review, its construction has an oversized front and, as a consequence, the progressive offset. The lower part of the product is wide enough to provide a smooth contact with the ground surface. The Cobra Baffler iron set’s design specificity forces the center of gravity to move backward and thereby prolongs the inertia moment. As a result, one can note a higher ball flight speed, as well as more chances of getting it into the hole.

cobra baffler xl iron specs

The advantage of the Baffler golf club lies in the fact that it is able to compete with other irons (even more expensive, prestigious brands). And if the product is of high quality, then why pay more? Any golf fan will appreciate the ability of the Cobra Baffler XL iron set to maintain the direction, distance and trajectory constancy, even with an unsuccessful hit. The Cobra Baffler golf clubs resist lateral rotation perfectly.


Evaluating each Cobra Baffler review, we can conclude that it may demonstrate the most successful game for those who are used to slow swing speed and low impacts with small rotation speed. If you have used other clubs previously, try to increase the distance by 10 yards. This product is ideal for high, accurate, sharp blows. If you are an experienced player, accustomed to high rotation speeds, then this solution will not suit you. The ball rises easily and quickly into the air from any location. Having read our Cobra Baffler XL review, you will easily make the final decision to purchase such a product.

cobra baffler xl iron set

The item’s design pleases with style and practicality combination. The club features a wide sole, a thickened tip, an original attractive design with the cobra image. The product is durable, weighty, gives a feeling of stability and balance. Using it, you will feel the power of the blow and easily achieve new heights and victories. Our Cobra Baffler irons review confirms: the club is worthy of the spent money. We have tested it and realized that it has no serious flaws. It is designed for high and most accurate hits. Perhaps this is the best budget solution that combines high materials’ quality, the design convenience and, of course, a reasonable price tag. The product will please you with a solid look and proven efficiency!

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