SKINZIT Review of 2020



Our Verdict

Fish fillet cleaning has never been so enjoyable, simple, and quick. Have a look at our SKINZIT review and get more detailed information about its parameters, technical abilities, and bright advantages! 


  • High safety level
  • Efficient (no meat losses)
  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • Pricy product
  • Difficult to wash after use
  • Long-term assembly

Key Specifications

  • Strong plastik case
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Two-stage protection
  • Operates from 120VAC outlet
  • The dimensions 7.3 x 7.8 x 7.3 inches
  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • 9'8" cord included

This is a small but useful device that may simplify the fish fillet preparation. It copes with bones and skin removing without meat affecting.

What is SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner?

We present to your attention an electric device that cleans all fish sorts from the skin and bones. We have tested the equipment thoroughly and suggest you to familiarize with it in brief, but quite informative SKINZIT review. It has a stylish black and red case, reliable and robust enough. The device has a safe floating-type blade made of stainless steel. All elements of the SKINZIT fish cleaner are durable and strong; therefore, you will surely use it for many years! Skinzit works from a usual 120VAC power outlet and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The majority of the SKINZIT reviews are approving – purchasers share their positive usage experience readily.

Skinzit reviews

This SKINZIT electric fish skinner operates in two stages. First, it rolls the bones and then cleans the surface of the fish from the skin gently and carefully. At the same time, it is important that the device does not remove meat from fish, leaving you all the tastiest and healthiest. Doubtless, this is its main advantage. Taking into account multiple SKINZIT fish skinner reviews, one may find out its other peculiarities. It consumes electricity carefully, is absolutely safe to use (several levels of protection against accidental injuries). It operates rather quietly, but at the same time efficiently. The SKINZIT electric fish cleaner will cope with any kind of fish, regardless of its skin thickness.

Skinzit Fish Cleaner

Every housewife should acquire such a device – it is simply indispensable in the kitchen. You will also need it when fishing or camping if you decide to feast on a fish soup. Within the limits of the home kitchen or being outside the city, the device will help you to clean any fish fillet safely and qualitatively. Minimum waste, quiet operation, ergonomic design, and ease of use – all these points make the presented equipment one of the most popular and necessary. The device will be the most successful acquisition for those who often cook fish. The manufacturer guarantees high-quality and fast skinning. Compact size allows you to store the device in one of the kitchen cabinets and use it as needed (features the dimensions 7.3×7.8×7.3 inches only). Also, it is lightweight (2.4 pounds).

SKINZIT Electric Fish Cleaner – Fast fish bones and skin remove

SKINZIT price may seem high. Nevertheless, it is quite justified, given the specific functionality of the device, its reliability, and its quality. The device really saves your time and allows to forget about unpleasant chores with fish. This is not a secret, but the majority of housewives do not like to cook it precisely because of the difficult fillet preparing. Now this problem is successfully solved! The device is eager to cope with any fish. For instance, purchasing the SKINZIT catfish may also be cleaned from skin and bones with its help. Some may doubt, but the mass of reviews confirm the fact.


The SKINZIT fish skinner has a two-stage turning on, facilitating its launch and making it as safe as possible. Using it, you can remove even the costal bones easily. The whole-automatic appliance will serve you year by year, retaining its functionality and attractive appearance. The device is easy to operate – you just need to press the lever with your hand, and then activate the trigger. Having purchased the SKINZIT fish skinner catfish will surely be easily cleaned with its help.

Skinzit Electic Fish Cleaner

Using SKINZIT fishing will become your favorite hobby. Moreover, you will enjoy either fishing or fish fillet cleaning and cooking! The simplicity of the device’s operation, its durable parts, and a sturdy case leave a lasting impression. The body of the fish skinner SKINZIT is made of soft-touch and durable plastic. Its blade stays sharp for a long time and copes with cleaning fish from scales, skin, and bones easily.


The device is perfect for large and small fish cleaning. For example, purchasing the SKINZIT crappie may be easily cleaned with its assistance. This species of fish is small in size. SKINZIT cleans even such a small fish cunningly and saves your time. Dealing with any fish SKINZIT is ready to demonstrate the perfect result. It keeps your hands safe and almost clean. The device may realize all the dirty work for you. Read the user’s manual, turn it on, and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have bought the SKINZIT fish skinner crappie or any other fish will be cleaned readily and quickly.


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