REXING V1P Review of 2020

LAST UPDATED: May 6, 2020


Our Verdict

Meet the innovative new generation dash cam. Our REXING v1p review may help you to discover all about this DVR model, its unique potential and usage properties.


  • Two cameras available (front and rear)
  • High-quality video (HD, Full HD)
  • Mobile App
  • Simple installation and usage


  • Weak tape for unit holding
  • The rear camera angle is difficult to adjust

Key Specifications

  • Double dash cam (front and rear)
  • 2.4" display
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Supports memory card up to 325GB
  • Super Capacitor battery
  • Mobile application
  • 18 ft rare cam cable
  • Powers from 12 ft cable
  • Additional accessories (hardwire kit, GPS logger, suction cup),

Exploiting this dash cam, you will surely miss nothing. It has an extensive capture angle, excellent video quality even in twilight (front camera resolution features HD and Full HD), the ability to transfer saved videos over a Wi-Fi network.

REXING V1P PRO – Your reliable witness

Our REXING v1p review reveals all the benefits and disadvantages of the specified model of the DVR. The REXING v1p 2.4″ lcd fhd 1080p is an indispensable accessory for any driver who values ​​his safety and wants to control the situation on the road. The REXING – v1p dual dash camera – black is a unit, featuring two cameras for a more detailed and thorough recording of everything that happens around your car. Maximum resolution (1080p) is available on the front camera. It shoots beautifully in any light conditions, even at twilight. A slightly lower resolution characterizes the rear camera of the REXING – v1p, however, it is advantageous and relevant for frequent movements by car around the city and beyond.


The REXING v1p dash cam is easily installed in the passenger compartment and is likewise simple to operate. The REXING v1p plus can connect to the Internet, which means that at any convenient time, you can share photos and videos over the network. You can also connect a GPS navigator to the REXING – v1p plus front and rear camera dash cam. The device has a slot for a memory card (265Gb maximum supported capacity).

REXING v1p pro review

The REXING dash cam v1p starts recording automatically when the vehicle starts moving. Similarly, in automatic mode, the REXING v1p 2.4 turns off. Any minimal fluctuations in the car start the DVR. In a word, you will not miss anything that could help you to control emergency and other situations. Acquiring the REXING – v1p plus front and rear camera dash cam – black one may feel safety and comfort. It features extra wide angle while recording – the roadway in front of the car and sidewalks for pedestrians also get into the camera view. The REXING – v1p 1080p dash cam with rear camera performs a parallel recording of everything that happens in front and behind your vehicle, and this is its bright advantage. Nothing escapes the keen eye of the camera.


The REXING v1p rear camera switch begins with any motion (even after light push). A lithium-ion battery is built into the chamber. It is resistant to overheating and features long service life. Video recording is done in a circle (after some time, new records overlap with the old ones – loop system).

The REXING produces several DVR models, and v1pro  is one deserving attention. We suggest you reading a brief REXING v1p pro review. It differs from the base v1p with the integrated GPS sensor and 170 ° + 170 ° lenses. The REXING v1p pro also has two cameras (front and rear), support for a memory card up to 256 GB, NOVATEK 96663 processor. Purchasing the REXING v1p pro dual, you may control everything happening during the driving.

REXING V1P 3rd generation – New video surveillance approach

REXING v1p 3rd generation

One more dash cam model from the mentioned brand is the REXING v1p 3rd generation dual 1080p. Quite reliable and stylish solution in a strong black case. The user is also offered two cameras with a 2160p (front) and 1080p (rear) resolution. The REXING v1p 3rd generation also features the perfected 170 ° + 170 ° lenses.


Using the REXING v1p 3rd gen, you may not worry about the free space available on the memory card. The maximum allowable volume is 256 Gb. It does not matter even if you decide to use microSD with a more modest amount. As soon as the memory runs out, the REXING v1 3rd generation will automatically start recording the latest videos on top of the oldest. The device allows to transmit video and photo files to your smartphone (Wi-Fi connection). Ultra HD quality guarantees perfect clear video recording.

REXING v1p 2.4" lcd fhd 1080p

The fact that the video fixing the moment of the road accident will be protected from deletion or overwriting is its indisputable advantage. Such video materials are automatically blocked and stored safely in the device’s memory. These videos will be useful for traffic accident circumstances clarifying.


The camera is capable of stably operating in any climatic conditions. Temperature differences are not able to affect its functioning, and therefore, when traveling by car with an installed dash cam from REXING, you will always control the situation around the car. The technical camera parameters allow to adjust to the current lighting conditions automatically and tune the displayed video quality. The result is a clear, vivid display of the roadway.

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